Step 1:  Register for your City.

Step 2: Complete Paperwork (see below).

Step 3: Bring your ID & Paperwork to your audition.

Everyone coming to the audition, whether auditioning or not, will need to fill out the proper paperwork & bring a valid photo ID with them to the venue. If a contestant or supporter is under 18 & not coming with their parent or legal guardian,

they will not be admitted without completing & bringing additional minor paperwork.

It is best to also bring a copy of the confirmation ticket that will be emailed to you after you completed your registration. You can bring a hard copy or have it accessible on your mobile device.

To start the paperwork click any of the boxes below that describes your act for more details:

You must bring a photo ID to the audition and fill out the Personal Release. The best way to fill out the release and sign it electronically on a desktop computer because it is not compatible with all mobile devices.

If signing electronically is not possible, please download and fill out the release form and bring it with you to your audition. If you or anyone who is coming is under 18, and not coming with their parent or legal guardian, they will need to fill out additional paperwork

All supporters will need to show a photo ID.

Supporters need to sign the Friends & Family Release Form and bring it to the audition.

If you or anyone in your group (including supporters) is under 18 and and not coming with their parent or legal guardian they will need to fill out this additional paperwork.


For anyone under 18 coming to the auditions.

1) All minors coming to the audition (contestants and supporters)  should be accompanied by their parent or their legal guardian.

2) Both the minor and a parent or legal guardian must complete the Personal Release, fill it out and bring it with you to the audition.

3)  Everyone under 18 attending the audition will be required to present a photo ID.

Minor contestants and supporters may use a school ID or acceptable substitute (such as a passport, yearbook page that includes a printed name with a photo AND a birth certificate).

If the minor is too young to have a photo ID, then the parent or guardian should present a photo ID & the child’s birth certificate that includes the parents name with the child’s name on the certificate.

If you are under 18 and our planning on attending the auditions without your parent or legal guardian (either as a performer or a supporter) there are very strict guidelines listed below that you must follow carefully or your group will not be allowed to enter the venue to audition!

If anyone under 18 wants to attend the audition WITHOUT their parent or legal guardian (such as a coach or friend), there are very strict rules which must be followed or they will not be allowed into the venue.

1) They must be under supervision of a third party (coach or friend) who is at least 21 years old.

2) The minor’s parent must download and complete the Guardianship and Medical Authorization for Minors Form and get it NOTARIZED by a notary public (typically at banks, mailing stores, or search your local directory) and have the third-party guardian bring it with them on the day of the audition. Please note: The parent AND the designated third-party acting as guardian must be present to get this form notarized.

3) The minor’s parent must designate the third-party acting as guardian page 3 of the Personal Release. That section must be signed by the parent AND the third-party acting as the guardian for the day.