Join The Dream Machine

The competition will once again feature a male and female cast with various different age groups competing for the crown. Who’s Got The Look takes pride in celebrating models of all shapes, sizes, colors, and ages. WGTL struts to put Orlando on the map for top showcased models. There will be have live audience fashion shows with Dream Team Judges that have an eye for “The Look” alongside an all-star team of experts at the one place where dreams are made: Dream City. This premiere season of Who’s Got The Look will definitely turn heads and catch eyes as we aim to redefine the definition of beauty in fashion industry as we know it.

Who’s Got The Look introduces aspiring models and designers from all over. Helping them build a platform into the fashion industry from this dream opportunity. We show case at least 5 designers and at least 25 models.

Are You The Next Big Thing!

Dream Female Models

Female modelling is exciting and rewarding. If your dream has always been to become a model then we can assist you in your journey and help to kick start your modelling career.

To become a dream model and become the Grand Prize Winner of Who’s Got The Look you need more than good looks and a good body. You need the right attitude lots of ambition and the determination to succeed. You need to have the right character and great personality traits as you will be working with teams of professionals who will expect you to be easy to get along with. You should be confident and able to strike up a conversation with new people. 

Dream Male Models

As a male model, you may have dreamed to be in commercials or high street modelling, health and fitness, editorial, high fashion or alternative modelling. Whatever your lane, its time to run it on the runway.

More and more male models are seen on catwalks and in magazines from Vogue to Men’s Health. If you have the look, talent and determination you could be a very successful male model. Being good looking with a good body is not enough to become a male model. You need to be great in front of the camera and look relaxed and confident. Who’s Got The Look will be able to identify if you have what it takes to be the next big Dream Model.  

Dream Child Models

We welcome audition submissions by parents on behalf of their children. There are of course no real restrictions on what a child can and can’t model as the key is not that the child is attractive but rather that they fit a certain look the creative team are after, and that they work well in front of the camera.

For child models, being able to open up in front of new people is important and being able to perform on demand is also key. If your child clams up when asked to smile in front of the camera then you should consider whether modelling is for them. If your child was born for the lights and has a personality that fills the room with most of all great character and moral we want to see your baby on the runway. Audition today if you thing that You’ve Got The Look!!! See you on the runway. 

Dream Teen Models

There is a huge market for Teen Models who are always needed for television commercials, advertising campaigns, fashion editorials and billboard advertisements.

We offer a very nurturing environment for young teens and can provide lots of important information and advice to parents and teens when starting out as a new model. What better way to aim towards living your dreams than being apart of this dream opportunity as one of our runway contestants.


Kids: 3-12

Teens: 13-17

Models: 18-34

Plus Size Models: Sizes (W-16 to 22/M- 36 to 80)